The UglyTie Contest is an annual event dedicated to friendship among men. Where lives become more complex as we age, and friendships come and go with each passing year, UglyTie is set to keep the bond between friends and extend a great call of loyalty and camaraderie in a single day.
The Annual UglyTie Contest is held on the 3rd Saturday (with exceptions) of the new year. It shall start at 10:00 am (with exceptions) with an early dinner served at 3:00 pm (with exceptions). The contest is a member-only event and shall include members of UglyTie and member invites. Each man shall contribute a fee to the contest in the amount of $40, where $5 shall be subtracted from his share toward a purse for the winning tie; the remainder is contributed to the dinner with a meal costing no more than $25 and the gratuity is aimed at near 100% with added contributions.
The event includes a structured itinerary, the reading of the rules, and other sub-events that can not be disclosed to the public – only a chapter leader and his cabinet.

Partial and cut List of UglyTie Rules (10 total) include:

  1. The official day of the UglyTie Contest will be the third Saturday of the new year.
  2. Only men are allowed to enter the UglyTie Contest and attend the luncheon, besides any venue staff and/or judges; females may join the pre and post-events.
  3. No Bitching and Complaining allowed.
  4. Only standard ties purchased in-store or online are allowed; a tie that has been tampered with, created from scratch, or purposely ruined will be disqualified from any UglyTie Contest
    a. You may enter a tie.
  5. When the contest begins, each contestant must stand and,
  6. The tie contest will have three rounds of play.

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