Why would I want to join UglyTie and pay for it? Why not just create it myself?

You can and people all over do. It’s more about helping us create something bigger and being proud to have it all over the world. It’s about joining men under one umbrella and having a membership to potentially one of the fastest-growing men’s groups in the world.

Do hosts sign a license agreement?

Each host signs a license agreement in order to represent the UglyTie Contest brand and agrees that all materials accepted and used, including content created as a result of your UglyTie event are property of The UglyTie Contest LLC. The license agreement lasts for 12 months and is renewable.

Can there be more than one UglyTie chapter per city?

Absolutely. But we are very careful if its a small city, and you can convince us that you should be the only one. It’s more about uniting as many men as possible under a central theme than closing doors.

What if the city I want to apply for is very close to another chapter?

You’re welcome to still apply. Just ask yourself since the chapters would be so close, would it make sense objectively to have your own? Some cities are bigger than others, and although we hope you have a ton of friends, the chances are slim that they share them.

What are some qualities you look for in a chapter host?

Here are three major qualities:

— You just make things happen. You are organized and understand how to keep the event alive year after year – and, of course, with our help.
— You’re positive and outgoing – you’d make a great HOST!!!!!
— You’re obsessed with community, friendship, and being the driver to bring them all together under one roof

What kind of support should I expect from the HOME chapter?

Anything you need. We are dedicated to making this the LARGEST UglyTie event on the planet

How long or what kind of commitment is needed for being a host?

Our licenses are one year long and in most cases, we offer hosts the opportunity to renew their agreement each year. In terms of time, it will take a few hours to get things aligned for your event, and a few more hours in setting the event up, get a trophy partner, and other variables you’ll learn.

Should I reserve or “park” my city’s social media accounts? (e.g. FB, Instagram, Twitter)

Please do not register social media accounts on behalf of UglyTie Contest and/or the chapter you are applying for. We have rules pertaining to the posting, and you’ll certainly understand after you have been accepted.

What is the cost to become a chapter?

The initial fee (inaugural chapter year) is $300, which includes all the ingredients we have learned over 29 years to have one of the best events of the year; PLUS, initial training on building the event, annual chapter licensing fees, and annual support in planning, marketing and keeping the event alive. Each subsequent year is only $150 to renew your chapter and includes a chapter website.

Are there other costs associated with hosting a chapter and event?

Yes. You may have to include a trophy, a deposit on the room (depending on size – we’ve had 50 guys in a hotel conference room, which required minimum upfront payment for lunch), frames for the tie, and other things to set up the pre-party (cups, plates, napkins, booze, etc.). We’ll walk you through it all.