The Official UglyTie Contest Store has a long 29-year history of getting things to this point. We are a group of friends stemming from childhood, through high school, college, and even lots of friends made along the way. We have held The UglyTie Contest for 29 straight years as of 2023, making it probably the most successful ugly tie contest in world history – or maybe we are just oblivious to what else is out there.

In 1994, based on a birthday party for twins, 6 guys set out to have lunch and celebrate. The idea was to wear ties and make it as formal as a 21st birthday could be at the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Riverside, California. From an always hilarious meeting, from the best group of guys, someone insulted another’s tie, calling it ugly, and a “wear the hell did you get that” shaming turned into laughter across the table. And, back and forth until a waitress decided who had the ugliest tie that day. From that lunch an idea emerged – some really don’t know who or how that story really took place – that we could keep this tradition on the twin’s birthday and wear ugly ties the next year – and the next, and the next, and the next it rolled on.

From 1994 to this store’s birth in 2023, we continue this obnoxious, annual event year after year. There is nothing that keeps friends more together than seeing our friendship, prosperity, and ugliness grow with each passing event held on the 3rd Saturday of each new year.

This store is dedicated to every UglyTie member that has graced his presence at that dinner table, and the few that passed along the way. And for each man that has come out alive from an all-day event that has honorably continued to celebrate the birthday and friendships for many more years to come.

OUR MISSION:  to make this the largest ugly tie event on the planet; to give each man in each city a dedicated day to be with the boys; to infect each member with the same camaraderie, loyalty, and genuine bonds we build and share each year

Cheers to all. Hurumph!

Be Ugly. Feel Ugly.   [if you know, you know]